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Illinois Department of Revenue Reaffirms Cloud-Based Services Not Taxable

In two recent General Information Letters (GILs), the Illinois Department of Revenue (Department) reaffirmed that computer software provided through a cloud-based delivery system is not subject to tax in Illinois. The Department announced that while it continues to review cloud-based arrangements and may determine they are taxable at some point, any decision to tax cloud-based services will be applied prospectively only. The GILs also recognize Quill’s physical presence requirement for Commerce Clause nexus. (more…)

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New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Releases Guidance on the Taxability of Computer Software

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has just released a Tax Bulletin addressing how the state’s sales tax applies to sales of computer software and related services. The Tax Bulletin does not broach new ground, but it does offer a formal expression of the Department’s position—previously articulated in advisory opinions—that the provision of remote access to prewritten software is subject to sales tax. However, that position does not comport with New York authorities, including a recent administrative law judge determination that is directly on point.

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