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Mark Nebergall advises clients on all aspects of tax policy with respect to software transactions at state, federal and international levels. He also works with McDermott’s tax controversy team handling tax litigation where he brings his former experience as a litigator for the US Department of Justice, Tax Division. Mark combines tax policy and tax litigation skills to help solve client tax problems holistically. Read Mark Nebergall's full bio. 

California Legislator Considers Digital Advertising Tax

By , , and on Mar 29, 2024
Posted In Allocation/Apportionment, California, Constitutional Issues, Nationwide Importance, Sales Tax, Tax Base, Transaction Taxes

Senator Steven Glazer, chair of the California State Senate Revenue and Tax Committee, is treating data like the next gold rush and taking bold steps to mine this new vein of wealth with his proposed “Digital Data Extraction Tax Law.” While couched as a tax on “data extraction,” the base for the tax is digital...

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Following Maryland’s Lead? We Guess Everyone Wants to Go to Court. Icy Challenges to Nebraska’s Advertising Services Tax Act Start to Emerge

By , and on Jan 18, 2024
Posted In Constitutional Issues, Nationwide Importance, Nebraska, Sales Tax, Tax Base

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen’s ambitious plan to provide $2 billion in property tax relief via an increase in the sales tax rate and an expansion of the sales tax base is stirring significant debate. Part of his proposal is embodied in the newly introduced Legislative Bills 1310 and 1354, known as the “Advertising Services Tax...

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Action Required: Maryland Denies All Ad Tax Refund Claims

By , and on Oct 27, 2023
Posted In Maryland, Nationwide Importance, Procedure

The Maryland Comptroller appears to have denied all refund claims for the 2022 digital advertising gross revenues (DAGR) tax! The denial notices were seemingly dated on or around October 11, 2023, and were sent via certified mail two weeks ago. The denial notices require immediate action by taxpayers. Read more here.

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Texas Taxing 130% of Marketplace Sales

By , and on Oct 3, 2023
Posted In Audits, Nationwide Importance, Sales Tax, Texas, Transaction Taxes

Proving that everything is bigger in Texas, the state’s Comptroller is now assessing marketplace providers on 130% of their sales. It seems a sales tax on 100% was not big enough for tax officials in the Lone Star State. The additional 30% is a tax on the portion of the product sales price kept by...

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Maryland Ad Tax Denials Coming: Are You Ready for Tax Court?

By , and on Sep 18, 2023
Posted In Maryland, Nationwide Importance, Procedure

Winter is coming, and so are denials of taxpayer refund claims for return of the illegally extracted Maryland digital ad tax (DAT). Sources in Annapolis report the Maryland Comptroller is preparing denial notices imminently. Taxpayers need to be prepared for quick action once that happens. According to our intelligence, the denial letters will inform recipients...

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Fatally Flawed? Illinois Municipal League’s Model Streaming Subscription Tax

By , , and on Aug 24, 2022
Posted In Illinois, Local Tax, Nationwide Importance

The Illinois Municipal League (IML) represents the interests of 219 home rule municipalities in Illinois.[1] The IML recently released a revised draft model, “Municipal Streaming Tax Ordinance,” (the model) for use by the home rule municipalities in imposing an “amusement tax” on, inter alia, music and video streaming services and online gaming.[2] If the subscriber’s...

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New Mexico Proposes Regulations Addressing Gross Receipts Tax Treatment of Digital Advertising Services

By , , , and on Aug 11, 2022
Posted In Allocation/Apportionment, Constitutional Issues, Local Tax, Nationwide Importance, New Mexico, Sales Tax, Tax Base, Transaction Taxes

On August 9, 2022, the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department published proposed regulations addressing the gross receipts tax (New Mexico’s version of a sales tax) treatment of digital advertising services. The Department states the proposed regulations do not reflect a change in policy but instead ensure the rules are consistent for all advertising platforms....

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Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Approves Sales Tax Apportionment for Software

By , , and on May 25, 2021
Posted In Allocation/Appointment, Constitutional Issues, Local Tax, Massachusetts, Nationwide Importance, Sales Tax

On May 21, 2021, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued a decision affirming the Massachusetts Tax Appeal Board’s decision in favor of Microsoft and Oracle, ruling that the companies may apportion sales tax to other states on software purchased by a Massachusetts company from which the software was accessed and seek a tax refund. The...

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US Treasury Issues Guidance on the ARPA Claw-Back Provision

By , and on May 12, 2021
Posted In Constitutional Issues, Franchise Tax, Income Tax, Insurance Tax, Local Tax, Nationwide Importance, Property Tax, Sales Tax, Tax Base, Transaction Taxes

Earlier this week, the US Department of the Treasury (Treasury) issued formal guidance regarding the administration of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) claw-back provision. The guidance (Interim Final Rule) provides that the claw-back provision is triggered when there is a reduction in net tax revenue caused by changes in law, regulation or...

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The US Department of the Treasury Says State IRC Conformity Bills Do Not Trigger Federal Relief Claw-Back Provision

By and on Apr 9, 2021
Posted In Constitutional Issues, Franchise Tax, Gross Receipts Tax, Income Tax, Insurance Tax, Local Tax, Nationwide Importance, Property Tax, Sales Tax, Tax Base, Transaction Taxes

As we’ve blogged about in the past, the recently enacted American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) includes an ambiguous claw-back provision. If broadly interpreted, it could result in states losing relief funding provided under the APRA if there is any state legislative or administrative change that results in the reduction of state revenue. This...

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