Beginning June 16, Keith Getschel will succeed Les Koenig as the Director of the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) Joint Audit Program.  Les Koenig is retiring as of July 31.  Mr. Getschel comes from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, having held the position of Assistant Commissioner for Business Taxes since 2012.  Mr. Getschel has worked in the Minnesota Department of Revenue for over 30 years, holding such positions as Director of Corporate Tax and Assistant Director in the Corporate and Sales Tax Division.  He also has experience as a supervisor in the Tax Operations Division, a tax policy manager, a revenue tax specialist in the Amended Returns Unit, and an appeals officer in the Appeals and Legal Services Division.

The MTC Joint Audit Program performs audits on behalf of participating states.  The program engages in audits of taxpayers simultaneously across multiple states, conserving state funds and time.  Mr. Getschel’s reputation as a tax administrator in the Minnesota Department of Revenue makes him a great fit for this position.  He has been viewed as taxpayer friendly and willing to work cooperatively with taxpayers to resolve issues.  We hope he continues this trend at the MTC.

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